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Packages and Pricing

Investing in your website

seo and reporting

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Google and other search engines index every site and rank it. 

The key is to make your website as relevant and engaging as possible.

There are millions of websites out there vying for the number one position. We provide expert local SEO knowledge and strategies to help make your site more visible to the people who matter and increase the traffic. 

Every website comes with a reporting, so you can see how your website is performing.

images and text

It’s fantastic if you can supply your own images for your website. Real life pictures and stories can really resonate with your customers and future customers. If you don’t have images then we have a stock images that we can use that can reflect your business. 

To save you time we can even get your images from Facebook.

To help with text have a look at our five star web design plan and that will give you some ideas. We can also help identify the most appropriate text and where it should be displayed on your website.

hosting and domains

To be able to make your website viewable on the internet you need a company to host your website securely.

We work with a secure web hosting company and we would recommend having an SSL certificate. If you look at top right hand corner of the search bar is says “Secure”, has a padlock and https. As of July 2018, Google’s Chrome browser any website without an SSL certificate will say “not secure” or an open padlock.

An SSL certificate means all data passed between the web server and browser remains private and it also gives a boost on search engines.

We can also register your domain name (website address) for you as well.


After the discovery we should have an idea of the type of website you would like and the look and feel of it.

We only create responsive design website to make sure you look your best on every device. 

“The One Pager” This is still a responsive design and is often used for businesses who just want an online presence

“The Brochure”Around 5 pages and is the recommended choice for small businesses. It gives your business an impactful online platform, builds credibility with people viewing your business and offers enough pages.

“The Refresher” For businesses that have a website. This has been popular for businesses who want to move to a responsive design website, feel their website is under performing or just want a new look.

PRICING & packages

We are happy to offer a “try before you buy” option. We can create a one page website at no cost and then you can decided if you would like to carry on working with The Big Fat Cat. All you need to supply is text and images.

We can even get your images from Facebook.

Our introductory package cost £15 per month. 

We don’t ask for any money upfront.